Wasabi's signature-model drumsticks are currently on sale!

"Wasabi's signature-model drumsticks" are currently on sale! These drumsticks are made by a Swedish drumstick manufacturer called "Wincent," which drummer Wasabi has been habitually using for a very long time.

These drumsticks went on sale on April 23rd at nationwide musical instrument stores, and are also available for sale at each live venue of "Wagakkiband JAPAN TOUR 2016, Kenran Wasou Enbukai."

<Wasabi's Comments>
"These signature drumsticks ended up being superbly balanced by slightly enlarging a 5A. Wincent drumsticks are very durable and are only slightly different from pair to pair. They have the ability to draw out the best sound, which the taiko (Japanese drums) originally possessed with out feeling any stress.
These drumsticks are extremely flexible for everything, so I would like them to be used by all kinds of drummers, not just rock drummers!"

Please visit the manufacturer's website for product details!!