“Wagakki Band Gorgeous Japanese Harmony&Dance Performance" If you become a member of the fan club "Yaeryu" or introduce your friend at the venue, you can get a CD "Mamoritaihito" which is not for sale, which is on a first-come-first served basis!

At the fan club booth of "Wagakki Band JAPAN TOUR 2016 Kenran Waso Enbukai," newly membership & friend introducing campaign will be conducted!

If you are not a member of the fan club and become [a new member of the fan club] at the venue, you can get three luxury benefits!!!

1. 10 people are invited to the "back stage" by lot where you can see the members!
(*The lottery of the backstage invitation will be accepted before the performance.)
2. You can get a CD of the fan club theme song "Mamoritaihito" (unreleased/ not for sale), whose lyric and music were written by Machiya!
3. You can get a memorial card with the message written by the members (printed)!
(2 and 3 are on a first-come and first-served basis.)

And if you are already a member of the fan club!!

*"Mamoritaihito" (unreleased) is a premier tune that will not be included in the CDs of the general sales forever!
*The number of the benefits of becoming a member and friend introduction at venue is limited.
Please note that they are on a first-come and first-served basis at each venue.

◆Annual membership fee: 3,200 JPY
*Additional 500 JPY will be charged as a commission.

*The benefits for the new member will be applied to those who made a payment in cash at the venue. If you have already become a member (made a payment) on the website, you will be excluded.
*The person who wants to become a member has to take a procedure and pay the membership fee at the venue.
*You will use your mobile phone or smartphone and take a procedure of admission in the "admission page dedicated to the venue.
*If you want to become a member at the venue, please confirm the following admission paper dedicated to the venue, and take a procedure of admission in in advance. This will help you to take the procedure at the venue smoothly.

*If you take a procedure from the "special page of admission in the venue," only the "venue admission (3,200 JPY + comission 500 JPY)" will be displayed for a payment. If other payments are displayed, you must be taking a procedure in other pages than the "special page of admission in the venue." Please cancel it and take a procedure in the "special page of admission in the venue" again.

*After taking a procedure with your mobile phone, you will pay the fee in cash at the venue.
*The payment of the membership fee will be cash only.
*Even if you are under 20, you can join the fan club by taking the procedure. If you have done it, however, we consider that you have got a permission of a person in your parental authority.

*You will need a mobile phone or a smartphone to take the procedure of becoming a member at the venue.
*The number of the benefits is limited. It will finish as soon as it goes out of stock.
*The payment of the membership fee will be cash only.
*Even if you don't have a ticket of the performance, you can take a procedure of admission and friend introduction.
*We cannot lend you a battery charger for your mobile phone or smartphone.

[Notes on friend introduction]
*If you introduce your friend, please come to the booth with him/her when he/she takes a membership procedure. This campaign is under the condition that the member is together with the new member when he/she makes a payment. 
*The benefits are applied to one member per one new member.
*Please show your digital member's card (you can display it from the "Member's Card" in "Member Menu.") 
*Please bring your digital member's card by displaying on your mobile phone/ smart phone/ tablet. Or you can bring a printed paper of your digital member's card!
*Please note that if you cannot show your digital member's card, you will not be applied to this campaign even if you are a member.
*Please prepare your membership number and password of Yaeryu because we cannot support you at the venue in the case that you have forgot them.