"Wagakki Band Gorgeous Japanese Harmony&Dance Performance" Chance to meet the band members! 10 lucky people will be invited backstage at each performance!!

At "wagakkiband JAPAN TOUR 2016, Kenran Wasou Enbukai" held in 10 nationwide locations,
10 people will be invited backstage by winning a raffle among the "yaeryu" fan club members who come to these performances!!

You can enter a raffle to be one of the 10 people chosen to go backstage right after showing your digital membership card at the fan club booth.
*Please have your picture ready in advance before coming to the booth.

In total, 100 people will be selected to go backstage, 10 people from each concert, where you can meet the band members after the performance!!

There will be a commemorative photo shooting with the band members backstage! The picture will be sent to you a few days later!!  Share your thoughts about the live performance with the band members!!

And even more!!
There will also be a giveaway of a "live performance commemorative card" to all the "yaeryu" fan club members, printed with direct messages from all the members.
Definitely, make sure you visit the fan club both♪

How to enter the drawing:
◆ For yaeryu fan club members:
Please access the yaeryu fan club website!
Load the picture of the digital membership by clicking on the MEMBER MENU and then go to MEMBER'S CARD, and please show it at the fan club booth.

(Regarding your digital membership card)
*In order to load the digital membership card, you will need your yaeryu's membership number and password.
*Sometimes, it may be difficult to connect to the site, so it would be better if you are prepared ahead of time by having the digital membership loaded and saving the image or using picture memo.
*Please have the digital membership card already loaded on your cell phone, smartphone or tablet. However, it is definitely acceptable if you bring just a printed copy of the membership card as well!
*Please understand that in case you cannot show your digital membership card, you will not be able to participate in the raffle, even if you are a member.
*Please note that we will not deal with any inquiries regarding finding your yaeryu's membership number and/or password. Please prepare everything that you will need ahead of time.

◆ For yaeryu fan club members who joined the fan club at the wagakkiband JAPAN TOUR 2016, Kenran Wasou Enbukai:
The people who joined the fan club at an actual performance and then want to participate in a raffle at other shows, the next day or after, please bring your membership acceptance printout that you received after you joined.

◆For people who do not have a yaeryu membership; 
For people who do not have a yaeryu membership yet, 
・You can become a member by using our fan club website in advance.
・You can also become a member at the fan club booth at any of the live performances.
*If you join at any of the live performances, there is an exclusive giveaway offered only at the live performance! Please click here for details.

*Live performance commemorative cards will be offered only as long as we have them in stock.
*One person (per membership number) can only participate once a day.
*Only the actual person who registered their name with the yaeryu fan club is allowed to participate in the raffle. If we find out that someone is falsely participating, everything that was received in a giveaway must be returned. In the case that you win the invitation to meet the members backstage, this privilege will also be revoked.
*If you have several yaeryu membership numbers, you can only use one once, and then you will have to get back in line and wait your turn to enter again.
*Even if you do not have a ticket with you, if you show your digital membership card, an exchange will be offered.
*We do not offer chargers for your cell phones or smartphones.