New song “Strong Fate” will be an image song of the movie “Zang-e (The Inerasable)”!!

New song “Strong Fate” written by Yuko Suzuhana will be an image song of the movie “Zang-e (The Inerasable)”releasing on Saturday the 30th January, 2016.

[Comment from Yuko Suzuhana] 
I’m grateful to be a part of movie sound creation. I had a chance to learn the story in advance, and I didn’t have any difficulties to get into its world. Then, I tried to find the way to interpret the story and the concept with our music. At last, we could create a song which has quite new sound to us. I wish this song will resonate inside of all the audience as a part of story.

[Comment from producer Mr. Fumitsugu Ikeda]
“Zang-e (The Inerasable)” is a horror mystery that chases a riddle of a room where you hear mysterious sound.
A keyword is Kegare; impurity.
Kegare is quite Japan-originated cultural concept. For example; Washing hands before visiting shrine for pray. Which is quite an ordinary action at shrine, but it is actually meant to be an action of purifying the body which unconsciously carries piled Kegare along. 
Kegare is different from a curse or an evil punishment that is aim to fear someone specifically. But Kegare is just there. It is just a matter of being aware or not, Kegare exists here and there in our daily lives.
In order to express traditional “Japanese horror” with music, I immediately thought of Waggakiband as an ideal band that has very unique fusion of Japanese traditional performing arts and contemporary rock music, beautiful and alluring vocal of Yuko Suzuhana who is also a master of Shigin (Japanese traditional chanting), and its mysterious world of music that is overwhelming the whole globe proved by the history of more than ten million plays on internet. 
Movie “Zang-e (The Inerasable)” and Waggakiband…Japanese entertainment will be integrated, and I’m already excited to see people who would be overwhelmed.
-Title :  “Zang-e (The Inerasable)”
-The original  : Fuyumi Ono "Zang-e (The Inerasable)"(Shincyo Bunko) 26th Syugoro yamamoto Prize
-Director : Yoshihiro Nakamura ("Yokoku han" "The Snow White Murder Case" "Golden Slumber")
-Playwright : Kenichi Suzuki ("Golden Slumber" "Akuryo Byoto")
-Cast : Yuko Takeuchi, Ai Hashimoto, Kentaro Sakaguchi, Kenichi Takito, Kuranosuke Sasaki and more
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-Create : "Zang-e (The Inerasable)"production partnership
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