​Item sales information in Taipei ATT SHOW BOX

At 7th and 8th Nov,We sell Wagakkiband merchandise in Taipei ATT SHOW BOX.
Taipei limited merchandise got a favorable notice in "Taipei Dai Ensoukai" at May.
We also sell New limited Item! 
If you have a chance to go to Venue, Don't forget buy our new Items.

-Pre-sales at outside venue information
Opening hour(Local time)
(1)7th Nov: 12:30~16:30
(2)8th Nov:11:30~13:30
Store: ATT 4 Fun 1st floor Gate East entrance(Between GAP and Starbucks)

*Get in line
Around gate east have no enough space,please stand in a two rows.
Line 1: For Official item,CD/DVD
Line 2:For Fan club(To get Yaeryu limited post card or limited CD)
*To exchange your ticket which purchased by Yaeryu Fan site
Please exchange the ticket at ticket desk in ATT 4 FUN 6th floor
-Pre-sales in a venue information
Opening hour(Local time)
(1)7th Nov: 17:00~until a commodity will be sold out or performance finished.
(2)8th Nov:14:00~until a commodity will be sold out or performance finished
Store: ATT SHOW BOX 7th floor

-Purchase limit
Taipei limited item:Until 4 item for a person
official item:It will be sold ends when the present day has been sold out.
*T-shirt: regardless of size you can purchase 4 t-shirt for each type.
*We plan to sell some of these item in avex taiwan official e-shop.

* List prices are Taiwan local price.

-Taiwan limited item

-Wagakkiband "Taipei emaki" limted card case:400TWD

-Wagakkiband "Taipei emaki" limted personal use bottle:350TWD

-Wagakkiband "Taipei emaki" limted backpack:550TWD

-Japan official item
All items are already sold in a venue or Web site.
-Wagakkiband 1st Japan tour 2015 T-shirt(M)(L)(XL):900TWD

-Wagakkiband 1st Japan tour 2015 Hoodie(M)(L)(XL):1,900TWD

-Wagakkiband 1st Japan tour 2015 Pen light:550TWD

-Wagakkiband 1st Japan tour 2015 long towel:550TWD

-Wagakkiband 1st Japan tour 2015 rubber band:170TWD

-Wagakkiband 1st Japan tour 2015 Poster B2 size:220TWD

-Wagakkiband 1st Japan tour 2015 Doggy bag:280TWD