Wagakkiband special radio program on NHK-FM!

Midsummer 2 hour special!
"Wagakki Rock" sensetion~Wagakki explore the J-POP future~

Air date: 13th Aug (Thu) PM4:00 ~ PM5:55 (115min) HNK-FM
Rebroadcast: 21st Aug (Fri) AM7:25 ~ AM9:20(115min) HNK-FM

J-POP with Wagakki is really HOT NOW!

Many Group getting popular who play music Guitar, Base and Shamisen,Koto,Syakuhachi,Wadaiko.
This 2 hour special program approach to charms of Wagakki music.Various Artists Who make sensesion in J-POP as a  Wagakki player join this program.

Guest Artists 
Wagakkiband:Wagakkiband sold debut album more than 100,000.
Yoshida Brothers: They fused Tsugaru shamisen, Rock music and dance music. and more...

Momoiro Clover Z: They adopt Wagakki for their Performance.

DJ Yamada and Marty Friedman take a chair in this program.