New track “Hangeki-no-Yaiba(反撃の刃)” will be a theme song of original dTV drama “進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN Hangeki-no-Noroshi(反撃の狼煙)!!”

​New track “Hangeki-no-Yaiba(反撃の刃)” from the 2nd album “Yaso-Emaki(八奏絵巻)” is selected for a theme song for original dTV drama “進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN Hangeki-no-Noroshi(反撃の狼煙).”
New track “Hangeki-no-Yaiba(反撃の刃)” is selected for a theme song of original dTV drama “進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN Hangeki-no-Noroshi(反撃の狼煙),” which is completely linked with highly expected live action movie “進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN,” opening on 1st August followed by another series on 19th September.
■Yuko Suzuhana (vocal)
I was so surprised when I first heard the news that our song was selected as a theme song!
I still remember the day when “進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN” the vol.1 comic book was published. I had been longing for a publishing day, and I bought all the volumes.
All the members of Wagakkiband are also fans of this comic, so we all were honored to receive this news.
It was surprising that this comic will be recreated into live action movie, and now, we can collaborate with the world of comic with our sound. So we often discussed about it.
We gathered our love to the comic into our music.
Enjoy the new look of Wagakkiband!
■Machiya (guitar)
I feel very honored to work on songwriting for a theme song “Hangeki-no-Yaiba(反撃の刃).” I am also one of the fans of “進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN” series, so I often questioned myself how I could enrich the world of original comic with our music. However, the world of comic is so strongly alive in my body it didn’t take that long to create a track.
I only came to know the title of the drama “進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN Hangeki-no-Noroshi(反撃の狼煙)” after I named the track “Hangeki-no-Yaiba(反撃の刃).”
Coincident, or inevitable, it is interesting that the word “Hangeki(反撃)” was appeared in both titles.
I believe that the new idea of pop music was born with a classical arrangement and the sound of traditional Japanese instruments.
May this track would be loved by a lot of people!
■Name of the distributing title: Original dTV movie “進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN Hangeki-no-Noroshi(反撃の狼煙)
■Date of the update: Saturday the 15th August, 2015
■Number of the distributing series:Total 3 series / approx. 30min. Update on every Saturdays
■Original comic:”進撃の巨人 ATTACK ON TITAN” by Hajime Isayama (serialized on Bessatsu Shonen Magazine from Kodan-sha)
■Starring with:Satomi Ishihara, Nanami Sakuraba, Syu Watabe, Rina Takeda, Yuu Kamio, Ayame Mizusaki / Yuta Hiraoka
■Executive director:Shinji Higuchi
■DIrector:Koryo Adachi(1st episode), Katsuro Ogami(2nd episode), Yoshihiro Ogami(3rd episode)
■Script:Yusuke Watanabe
Starring with famous cast like Satomi Ishihara playing ”Hanji” the captain of the army, also a new character “Izuru” played by Yuta Hiraoka will be introduced.
A secret hidden in Hanji’s  “Titan investigation”, a secret history of making “Rittai-Kidou-Souchi / The 3-D Maneuver Gear,” and so on. Enjoy exciting episode which is linked to the movie!

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