We give away single CDs “Mamoritai Hito”(unreleased) to the first-come, firsr-served basis in Taipei!

At May 9th and 10th, in this tow days If you join the official grobal fan club “Yae-ryu” at the venue in Taipei,

We give away single CDs “Mamoritai Hito”(unreleased,made by Machiya) to the first-come, firsr-served basis.

*“Mamoritai Hito” is a special song which will not be released as a regular CD.

◆Reception time
coming soon...

◆Membership fee : 890TWD
※Please pay expense charge (150TWD) separatery

*Procedure at the venue for enrollment to Fan Club, you need sign up yourself.
* From the “Exclusive Enrolling Page at the Venue” which we will inform you at the booth located at the venue, we will request you to conduct the admission procedure for the membership by the cell phones and/or smart phones.
*After enrollment, please pay menbership fee at the reception.
* Please note that people who have already enrolled the fan club are not received this offer. Thank you for your kind understanding.
* We accept cash only for the membership fees.(only TWD)
*You could enroll to Fan Club even if you are minor.We interpret that a minor who will enroll to Fan Club has consent with a person with parental authority.
*No matter where you live, you could enroll to Fan Club at the venue.