[In Japan]WagakkiBand Great New Year's Live 2017 "Yuki no Utage" / "Sakura no Utage"

We would like to announce the official title for WagakkiBand's first concert for 2017; 
WagakkiBand Great New Year's Live 2017 "Yuki no Utage(雪ノ宴)" / "Sakura no Utage(桜ノ宴)"!!

We would also like to announce the opening and starting time of the concert, and general pre-sale ticket dates!

We are willing to release information for the coming February, so look forward to it! Also, check our official homepage! 


WagakkiBand Great New Year's Live 2017 "Yuki no Utage(雪ノ宴)"
February 17 (Fri.) 2017
WagakkiBand Great New Year's Live 2017 "Sakura no Utage(桜ノ宴)"
February 18 (Sat.) 2017

Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium(東京体育館)
Tokyo Shibuya-ku Sendagaya 1-17-1

【Open, Start】
February 17 (Fri.) 2017
Open:18:00 / Start:19:00
February 18 (Sat.) 2017
Open:16:00 / Start:17:00

【Ticket Fee】
★Ticket Type① Limited only for Yaeryu Fan club members, Arena seats Block A: 9,800 Yen (Tax Included)
[Special Bonus 1] Ensured for Arena Seats Block A!!
[Special Bonus 2] Seats come with Original Limited Goods!!
※Only Yaeryu Fan Club members can apply.
※Up to 2 Tickets Per Member (Companion can be a non-member)

★Ticket Type② Reserved Seats: 6,300 Yen (Tax Included)
★Ticket Type③ Bleachers: 6,300 Yen (Tax Included)
※Up to 4 Tickets per person

※Charges for children 3 years or older
※Children under the age of 3 are free watching from guardian’s lap. (Fees will occur if seats are needed.)
※Ticket Type③ are 「reserved bleacher」seats for small children, elderly adults, and for those who would like to watch the concert seated.
※Please be seated during the concert.
※The seats are not guaranteed for being close to the stage.
※Reception will end after reaching the planned number of seats.

【General Ticket Release Date】
11/6 (Sun.) AM 10:00~


【via Telephone (in Japan)】
チケットぴあ:0570-02-9999(Pコード: 311-939)
ローソンチケット:0570-084-003(Lコード: 71670)
【To my beloved fans】
From the time of our debut, our band has been on stage from the beginning of the year to show you the WagakkiBand’s “now”.
We would like to show you the Best of WagakkiBand, and we are already in high spirits.
We want to deliver a great show in “WagakkiBand-style” from beginning to end as if you are watching a story.
Please enjoy an “alive” live concert that you could only experience from moment to moment.

Yuko Suzuhana
公演日 会場 開場 開演 お問い合わせ
2017.02.17 (金) 東京体育館(Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium) 18:00 19:00
2017.02.18 (土) 東京体育館(Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium) 16:00 17:00