[Oversea]Wagakkiband 台北繪卷"Taipei Emaki" [SOLD OUT]

Wagakkiband made a success of Solo Live in Taipei in May.
And now, in commemoration of release the 2nd Album, wagakkiband will perform in Taipei again in November!

All ticket sold out in a flash of last Live in Taipei, and these ticket were really rare.
Many Fans wish for live performance in Taipei again, then we decide perform again in Taipei for anniversary of release the 2nd Album!

For All Fans in Taipen, in Japan and around the world!
Don’t miss this SPECIAL PREMIUM LIVE ticket!

<Live information>
Date: 7th Nov (Sat) 2015
Venue: Taipei ATT Show Box
Time: Doors 17:00/ Starts 18:00 (times are subject to change)    

(1) Standing area blockA : 2200TWD (8,400Yen)
(2)Standing area blockB : 1800TWD (6,800Yen)  

Drew the reference number in the ticket  

<Tour information>[SOLD OUT]
-Official Tour from Japan to Taipei (include unsold goods)
For Fan Club members Pre-sales : 18th Sep (Fri) 2015 ~25th Sep (Fri) 2015

*Please check below about more detail.
*Only for Fan club members.
*In case of too many application, it become lottery.

<Buy the ticket in Japan>[SOLD OUT]
For Fan Club members Pre-sales : 18th Sep (Fri) 2015 ~25th Sep (Fri) 2015
General sales : 2nd Oct 2015(Fri) START!! 

⇒Pre-sale for only Fan club members who joined Fan club until 14th Sep (Mon)
Please enroll from “Yaeryu” Web site

<Buy the ticket in Taipei>[SOLD OUT]
2nd Oct (Fri) 2015 12:30~ (Local time)
You can buy a ticket by KKTIX and FamilyMart Taiwan. 
*First-come-first-served basis.

【Questions regarding the live】 
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公演日 会場 開場 開演 お問い合わせ
2015.11.07 (土) 台北・ATT Show Box 17:00 18:00